Golden Visa

About the Golden Visa

Achieve Spanish residency through a golden visa by investing €500,000 in Spanish real estate. If your plan involves buying property in Spain and staying for more than 90 days out of 180, obtaining a Spanish long-stay visa becomes essential. A favored option for this purpose is the investors and entrepreneurs visa, commonly known as the golden visa.

Key Advantages of the Golden Visa:

  1. Residential and Employment Flexibility: The golden visa provides the unique privilege of living and working in Spain, setting it apart from other visa options.

  2. Inclusive Family Benefits: Bringing your family to Spain is remarkably straightforward with the golden visa. This includes your spouse, children under 18, and even financially dependent parents.

  3. Minimal Residency Requirements: A significant benefit is the minimal residency obligation. The golden visa mandates only one visit to Spain per year, making it a convenient choice for investors and entrepreneurs.

  4. Renewable Grant: Once granted, the golden visa is renewable, providing continued access to the associated benefits without significant hurdles.

  5. Path to Permanent Residence: Living in Spain under the golden visa opens the door to permanent residency eligibility after a period of 5 years.

Embark on a seamless journey towards establishing your residency in Spain by exploring the advantages of the golden visa. With its unique perks and streamlined processes, this visa offers a pathway to a thriving and flexible life in Spain for you and your family.

Qualifying for the Golden Visa

The golden visa is tailored for individuals making substantial investments in Spain, particularly in property acquisition. To qualify, the property’s value must exceed €500,000, and the purchase should be conducted without financial assistance. Alternatively, eligibility extends to those acquiring multiple properties totaling over €500,000, all purchased after 2014.

Applicants must demonstrate sufficient economic means to support themselves and any family members seeking residency (*refer below for details). Additionally, comprehensive health insurance, providing full coverage for at least the initial year, and a clean criminal record are mandatory.


Economic Means

To initiate a golden visa application, proof of financial stability is crucial. Applicants must exhibit a monthly income equivalent to 400% of the IPREM, with an extra 100% required for each additional family member. For a single applicant, this translates to a minimum monthly income of €2,316.08 or an annual total of €27,792.96. For two applicants, the requirement increases to 500%, totaling €2,895.10 per month or €34,741.20 annually, and so forth.

If the applicant has sufficient funds in their account to cover the entire year, there is no need to prove a regular monthly income. The focus shifts to demonstrating the ability to cover the entire year’s expenses.

Supporting documents for a non-lucrative visa application may encompass bank statements, an employment letter stating the salary, pension documents, and similar proofs.

For further details on the golden visa application process and required supporting documents, valuable information is available on the Consulate of Spain in London website.

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