Torrevieja Beaches

Torrevieja and its surroundings boast a stunning coastline that lures visitors with its diverse and picturesque beaches.

Here are some of the notable beaches in and around Torrevieja, each offering a unique charm and a delightful seaside experience:

Playa del Cura: Centrally located in Torrevieja, Playa del Cura is a bustling beach known for its lively atmosphere. Its golden sands stretch along the waterfront, where visitors can bask in the Mediterranean sun or take a refreshing dip in the crystal-clear waters. The beach is well-equipped with facilities, including beachfront restaurants and bars.

Playa de los Locos: Aptly named “Crazy Beach,” Playa de los Locos is renowned for its vibrant and eclectic atmosphere. This beach is a favourite among locals and visitors alike, offering a more relaxed setting compared to some of the busier beaches in the region. It features fine golden sand, clear waters, and a lovely promenade.

playa los locos torrevieja

La Mata Beach: Located to the north of Torrevieja, La Mata Beach is one of the longest and widest beaches in the area. Backed by sand dunes and a natural park, it provides a serene escape for beachgoers seeking a more tranquil setting. The beach has earned Blue Flag status, ensuring high standards of cleanliness and facilities.

Playa de los Náufragos: Situated on the southern end of Torrevieja, Playa de los Náufragos offers a quieter and more residential beach experience. It is well-suited for families and those seeking a peaceful retreat. The beach has facilities like beach bars and is known for its calm waters, making it ideal for swimming and relaxation.

Cala Ferris: This small, hidden gem is tucked away between Punta Prima and La Zenia. Cala Ferris exudes a more secluded and intimate ambiance, surrounded by natural cliffs and vegetation. The rocky coves and clear waters make it a favourite spot for snorkelling and exploring marine life.

cala ferris torrevieja

Other Nearby Beaches

Guardamar Beaches: Just north of Torrevieja, the beaches of Guardamar del Segura offer a unique blend of natural beauty and recreational facilities. The dunes of Guardamar create a scenic backdrop, and the beaches cater to various water sports enthusiasts.

Orihuela Costa: To the south of Torrevieja is the well known Orihuela Costa, a coastline adorned with pristine beaches that captivate visitors with their beauty and charm. These sun-kissed shores, including Cabo Roig, Playa Flamenca, Punta Prima, and La Zenia, offer golden sands and crystal-clear waters, creating an idyllic setting for beachgoers. The Blue Flag status of many of these beaches attests to their cleanliness and excellent facilities. Water sports enthusiasts revel in diverse activities, while beachfront promenades host vibrant restaurants and bars. With a perfect blend of natural splendor and recreational opportunities, Orihuela Costa beaches beckon travelers to unwind in a Mediterranean paradise.

Whether you seek lively atmospheres, secluded coves, or family-friendly shores, the beaches in and around Torrevieja offer a diverse range of options, ensuring that every visitor finds their perfect seaside retreat.

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